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Best Practise For Designing & Developing Android App

Best Practise For Designing & Developing Android App

Here are some of the considerations you need to have a look on it when designing your Android application.

Navigation Design Pattern: Page Carousel

Page Carousel | Mobile App UI Design

Usually, app designers used it when they want to tease their user by letting them know that there are more content is available than what is currently shown.

Navigation Design Pattern: Tab / Tab Bar

Tab / Tab Bar | Mobile App UI Design

Tab / Tab Bar navigation is used to divide and store large amount of different categories of information in a single view. It’s allowed users to find their interested information without changing the current view of the application. Usually, an …

Navigation Design Pattern: List / Drill Down Menu

List / Drill Down Menu | Mobile App UI Design

List menu / drill down navigation can be extremely useful and user-friendly, when your app contain large amount of content that organized in list over multiple levels.

Navigation: Springboard (iOS) / Dashboard (Android)

Springboard / Dashboard | Mobile App UI Design

Springboard / Dashboard is one of the common mobile app design patterns that used to provide the overview of your app content to your user.